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To prevent cities, counties and other financially strapped public entities from exploiting, through the removal and destruction of acreage, protected open space lands in order to generate revenue.


Open Space Legal Defense fund (“OSLDF”) is organized as a charitable not for profit California corporation.  OSLDF was formed to challenge the City of Whittier’s attempt to single handedly nullify state-wide public policy facilitating the acquisition of open space land for preservation and conservation.

Residents in the City of Whittier have opposed the city’s plan to open 1,280 acres of land purchased with Proposition “A” funding from habitat preserve, to mining and oil drilling operations.  OSLDF moves the opposition from city council chambers into a courtroom, where the taxpayers of Los Angeles County can have a fair and impartial forum.

OSLDF’s Bases for legal challenge are:  (1) The lease with Matrix Oil violates the public trust; (2) Propositions “A” and “Baby A” did not authorize the conversion of natural habitat to commercial and industrial uses such as mining, oil drilling and operation processing facilities; (3) An anticipated CEQA hearing will be a sham in part because the a lease with the oil producer and consultant contracts were approved by the council prior to CEQA review; (4) Existing documents suggest that the Environmental Impact Report required for project approval, will be defective.

OSLDF has retained a team of experienced lawyers to bring these legal challenges.  Public contributions are needed and welcomed to preserve the integrity of Proposition “A.”

501(c)(3) STATUS
OSLDF is a 501(c)(3) organization.